Cutting systems XPS/EPS

Cutting systems for EPS/XPS

The production of foam blocks is almost always followed by a cutting process in which the blocks are trimmed and cut to the desired plate dimensions. Our modern cutting systems work with oscillating, heated cutting wires. This enables low-loss and precise cuts.

  • Block feed manually or using a tilting device with a block magazine
  • Block alignment by block stop or pneumatic cylinder
  • Exact block transport by chain conveyor
  • Motorized tilting cutting frame up to 20 ° for panel cutting
  • Quickly exchangeable cutting frames for large plate thickness ranges or with automatic wire adjustment
  • Low power consumption due to opposing oscillation in the plate cutter on one level
  • Infinitely variable cutting speeds
  • Very little cutting loss with oscillator cut
  • Accelerator belt controlled by light barriers
  • Noiseless and vibration-free oscillation of the cutting wires
  • Cross cutter works alternately in both directions
  • Air cooling of all cutting wires
  • High cutting speed with oscillator cut
  • Automatic alignment devices in the cross cutter
  • Primary crusher for upper rind with suction device
  • Central rind crusher for side, bottom and forehead rinds

Contact person for EPS/XPS

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Lars Brüggemann

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